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Michael Franzese: Mafia boss to evangelist

Former mobster Michael Franzese tells Justin Brierley how he turned from a life of mafia crime to a new life in Christ after finding God in prison.

From  Premier A year ago

When an ISIS member met Jesus // Dr. Michael Youssef

Dr. Michael Youssef will be our The Profile interview guest on Saturday 5th August 2017.

From  Premier Christian Media 2 Years ago

Seth & Nirva // Testimony

Music duo, Seth & Nirva share their testimony on The Profile with Sam Hailes. Broadcast every Saturday at 4 p.m., The Profile is an in-depth interview, delving into the lives of well known…

From  Premier Christian Media 2 Years ago

On choosing between Islam and Christianity – Alysia Harris // The Profile

Spoken word artist and poet Alysia Harris spent time seriously considering Islam. In this clip, she explains what drew her back to Christianity.To hear the full interview visit…

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"This man's gonna kill me" // Candi Staton on The Profile

Music legend, Candi Staton talks about her journey to fame and the hurts and heartbreaks along the way. Join us for an in-depth interview with a well known Christian speaker, author or public figure…

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Mike Weaver from 'Big Daddy Weave' on The Profile

This week's guest on The Profile interview is with the lead vocalist for US Christian band Big Daddy Weave. Watch this highlights video to get a flavour of this Saturday’s broadcast on…

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John and Giuliana's Story // Your Premier

John and Giuliana met at a young age and quickly fell in love. But early on in their marriage, buried issues from John's troubled childhood soon surfaced. Here the couple share their story of…

From  Premier 3 Years ago

'I shared the gospel with the royal family' // Kym Mazelle on The Profile

'Young Hearts Run Free' singer and house music pioneer, Kym Mazelle, talks about fame, hard work and hearing God's voice. To hear Kym's full interview click here: …

From  Premier 3 Years ago

"Something happened to me that has completely transformed my life" // Peter Gladwin on The Profile

When Peter was only a year old, he was in a horrific house fire that left him with severe burns and psychological damage. In this Profile interview he shares his experience of being stabbed,…

From  Premier 3 Years ago

This is Your Premier

Your Premier is a chance to hear the testimonies of Premier listeners and share stories of God’s faithfulness; from dramatic tales of God’s rescue in times of darkness and helplessness,…

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Elaine Storkey explains how she overcame doubt about her faith // The Profile

Elaine Storkey is known for her lecturing, writing and broadcasting. is a philosopher, sociologist, theologian and a Christian feminist. In this clip she tells Premier Christianity journaliat, Sam…

From  Premier 3 Years ago

Raised with Christ // Donna Marie's Story

Donna Marie tells her story of how she came to Jesus and how he has changed her life now that she has found a purpose and meaning.As Christians we’ve been raised from the dead – just as…

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