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The D Word - A personal look at divorce and the Church

An honest look at the experiences of four Christian divorcees; their hurt, their shame and their restoration. If you are going through a separation or divorce and would like some support you can…

From  Premier 2 Years ago

‘Tomorrow still will linger’ // Naomi Aidoo on Gospel Drive

Reflecting on the realities of life and our daily need for God’s help, blogger, speaker and poet Naomi Aidoo performs on Gospel Drive. With music, guests and the big issues from the day's…

From  Premier 2 Years ago

THIS MONTH in Premier Youthwork magazine // Nov 2016

This month: The importance of being yourself with young people, bringing revival to our youth ministry, and more news, features and resources. Premier Youthwork aims to equip you with the tools,…

From  Premier 2 Years ago

Elaine Storkey on what the Bible says about equality

What does it mean for the husband to be the ‘head’ of the wife? Elaine Storkey explains. Dr Elaine Storkey is a philosopher, sociologist and theologian. She is known for her lecturing,…

From  Premier 3 Years ago

Dr Paula Gooder // Women in the Bible

Paula Gooder, theologian for Bible Society, tells Premier's Justin Brierley how she sees women portrayed in the Bible. Hear more from Paula at Spring Harvest 2015. Join us for an in-depth…

From  Premier 4 Years ago

Dr Paula Gooder // Preaching or teaching

Dr Paula Gooder, theologian with Bible Society, tells Premier's Justin Brierley, how she sees the difference between preaching and teaching... and what you can expect to hear at Spring Harvest…

From  Premier 4 Years ago

Can I Trust The Bible? // David Instone-Brewer

Answering common objections to the reliability of the New Testament

From  Premier Christian Media 4 Years ago

Rev Dr Joanne Cox // New Media, New Church

In what ways does the 21st Century Church need to change in order to become relevant within an increasingly digital culture. How might the digital change our way of being church... from top to…

From  Premier Christian Media 5 Years ago

Spring Harvest TV - Episode 1

We chat to Tim Vine in a tea cup, Malcolm Duncan on a digger and take a sneak peak behind the scenes in the Big Top. Join us in 2014 for an unmissable all-age teaching and worship event.

From  Premier 5 Years ago

Receive the Gift

Canon J.John shares a thought for the Christmas season.

From  Recommends 5 Years ago

YWS: Magnificent Mentoring

Talk by David McQueen. Part of the Youthwork Summit video series.

From  Premier 6 Years ago

The Queen

J.John's views of the Queen's reign comparing monarchy with democracy

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Learn Biblical Hebrew - promo

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