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What happens to you when you die? // Chris Date on Inspirational Breakfast

The traditional Christian view would say that if you die without becoming a Christian you are condemned to suffering in hell forever. But that is being increasingly criticised and challenged by…

From  Premier 2 Years ago

Dear Stephen, I Believe in Oscar Wilde’s God

Justin Brierley responds to the viral anti-God video by Stephen Fry. For discussions and resources on God, suffering and faith

From  Premier Christian Media 4 Years ago

Unbelievable? God & Suffering debate // Vince Vitale & Julian Baggini

Christian philosopher Vince Vitale and atheist philosopher Julian Baggini join Justin Brierley to debate whether there could be reasons for God to allow suffering. See more debates at…

From  Premier 4 Years ago

What About Suffering? // Mark Roques

Responding to other worldviews in an age of Pluralism

From  Premier Christian Media 4 Years ago

CS Lewis and Suffering // Amy Orr-Ewing // Unbelievable? Conf. 2013

How do we answer the problem of pain? A presentation by Amy Orr-Ewing

From  Premier 6 Years ago

Sermon Video: Suffering

Part of a series of inpirational short animations.

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Peter Kerridge & You

Daily Devotional for October 28th

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With No Apology - Part 5

What about Suffering? Teaching with J.John

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