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David Steele // Finding our identity in Christ // Inspirational Breakfast

Bible teacher David Steele says understanding God’s unconditional love for us, helps us find our true identity in Christ. Kick start your day and join John Pantry and Lisa Mainwaring (Mon and…

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Overcoming abuse // Eryca Freemantle // The Profile

Eryca Freemantle tells the real story of her life behind the glamour and celebrity. It’s a story of physical and mental abuse, bullying, frailty, insecurity, rejection and excruciating physical…

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THE PROFILE: Stephen Baldwin // Being an actor AND a Christian

Former Hollywood bad boy turned evangelist, Stephen Baldwin talks to Premier's Antony Aris-Osula. The Profile interverview with Stephen Baldwin airs on Saturday 21st June at 4pm only on Premier…

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Spoken word piece by Odd Thomas. You can't choose your natural father but your Heavenly Father will not let you down.

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Poet Odd Thomas looks at the issue of rejection and God's answers.

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My Parents, My Pain

An evocative short film looking at acceptance and rejection.

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Jo Naughton: Dealing with rejection

Originally appearing on Premier Radio's Inspirational Breakfast, Wednesday 28 March 2012.

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