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"This man's gonna kill me" // Candi Staton on The Profile

Music legend, Candi Staton talks about her journey to fame and the hurts and heartbreaks along the way. Join us for an in-depth interview with a well known Christian speaker, author or public figure…

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Sheridan Voysey gives four factors of resilience // Inspirational Breakfast

Author and broadcaster Sheridan Voysey shares the four factors of resilience, expressed in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew Chapter 5 - 7). Kick start your day and join John Pantry and Lisa…

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Overcoming abuse // Eryca Freemantle // The Profile

Eryca Freemantle tells the real story of her life behind the glamour and celebrity. It’s a story of physical and mental abuse, bullying, frailty, insecurity, rejection and excruciating physical…

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The impact of a father // Lin Button // Woman to Woman

Lin Button talks to Maria Rodrigues about the impact a poor relationship with our father can have on our attitude to ourselves and others. Woman to Woman is a lively up-to-the minute show…

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Rape is in the Bible // Mandy Marshall // Woman to Woman

The themes in Fifty Shades of Grey are not new, rape and abusive relationships are found in the Bible, but how can we support victims? Woman to Woman is a lively up-to-the minute show especially for…

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Beth Redman // Overcoming challenges

This is an excerpt from Premier's Woman to Woman radio show, with Maria Rodrigues-Toth. (Airdate: 24/12/13)

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Reshma Prakash - Found

Reshma's life has been full on! She was raped, lost her dad to an accident, abused and left with nothing...

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Jahmene Douglas - Becoming a Christian

The X Factor runner-up Jahmene Douglas shares his faith journey. To get a free copy of Youthwork magazine go to:

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Spotlight: Wm Paul Young

This is a complilation of short clips taken from a recent spotlight session with the author of The Shack and Crossroads.

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